My name is Hermaish Heer and i was born and raised in the UK, Coventry City was my birthplace as well as living and working in London for over a decade. With a generation of health & fitness experience, it really has become an integral part of my life and lifestyle which i love. Everyone has their own special story on how they got into health & fitness and this is mine.


Personal Training

  • $60 per hour - or part thereof
  • $40 per half hour - or part thereof
  • Registered PT at Jetts, New Zealand
  • Les Mills Gym member 8+ years
  • New Zealand Institute Of Health & Fitness - Level 3, Level 4 Certified



When it comes to nutrition my general attitude is eat what you like but just workout. It would be in your best interest to eat healthier anyway, especially if you

Cold Showers

If you want something life changing, you can start with cold showers. For over 2 years i have been taking cold showers every day which i have found has had


Training was with a few local friends from about the age of about 20 and it was almost as we had some sort of telepathic connection with each other when


The most important word is LIFE, your life, my life, each and everyone's life. Life is short and precious, and the way to get the best out of life is


Marathon Finishes:

London 2002
Auckland 2014
Taupo 2019

NZIHF - Level 3, Level 4 Certified

"there is only one way to train and that is HARD"