Cold Showers

If you want something life changing, you can start with cold showers. For over 2 years i have been taking cold showers every day which i have found has had multiple benefits. It helps me physically with muscle recovery (especially after a workout), keeps my skin from drying out, as well as mentally. I have more energy, vitality and it helps me sleep in the hot summer months, which was one of the reasons i started them. I believe cold showers help strengthen your immune system as your body adapts to the cold and can help fight everyday illnesses. My use of moisturiser cream has also decreased significantly. The older generation of people often say why are there so many illnesses these days compared to their youth and early adulthood. These days it’s all too easy for people to take the easy option, sit in a car rather than walk/cycle, hot showers rather than cold, sit at a desk all day rather than stand and move around and this in my opinion is one of the reasons that society has so many health issues. The body doesn’t need to fight anything anymore as there are too many creature comforts. The environment, diet, climate change, cleanliness in homes/offices, etc also play a part but cold showering certainly helps and can have great benefits in a person’s life.  Like anything associated with health, it is a lifestyle and you’ll really start to see the full benefits after about 6 months, although you will start to notice changes after a few weeks, for instance sleep better. I advise to start in the summer and continue from them onwards and if you suffer from anxiety or depression, cold showering everyday can certainly help with that for sure.

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