The most important word is LIFE, your life, my life, each and everyone’s life.

Life is short, life is precious, and the way to get the best out of life is to live an active, fit and healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise is the way to start your health & fitness life journey and it can start at any age. We are living longer so it’s in your best interest to live it actively to get the most out of it. Take time out as you need to which is also part of your training regime, but get back training regularly, it is the key to living a great life and that’s what life is there for. You will certainly see the benefits as you age and as i approach 50 years old, i get better and better, both mentally and physically.  Once it becomes part of you, it is there forever no matter what happens in your life and it will only become part of you when you continue training for the months and years so the sooner you start the better. And your fitness will always be there to help you manage almost any situation life throws at you. It is different for everyone but the main thing is to train hard and make it count, just as my motto says, “there is only one way to train and that is HARD”, there really is no other way. I was born with eczema and if anyone knows eczema it can completely control your life, as it did mine. There are things you can do to control and manage the condition but living a healthy lifestyle and working out, ticks quite a few boxes off the checklist and you can apply this logic to most health issues. It is always in the news about the overuse of anti-biotics for the slightest of illnesses to which the human body has now come resistant to and no longer work as they should. When i used to go to the doctor all he did was to give me drugs for the eczema which i absolutely hated. With managing eczema and after trying several different things over the years, spending thousands of pounds, i can advise on a few things which have worked for me where all doctor treatments has failed. Ultimately this has lead me on the path of being anti-drugs and being fit and healthy throughout my life.

Key Points:-

Understand that training is not easy; if it was easy everyone would be doing it. So don’t expect any results anytime soon, you have to have patience and plenty of it.

I like to get to the point and the point is you go to a gym to workout, not check your mobile phone. You have to take your training regime just like that, a regime.

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Favourite Quotes:-

Never, ever, ever, ever give up
We have to be stronger than what we suffer
It is ALL in the mind

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