Training was with a few local friends from about the age of about 20 and it was almost as we had some sort of telepathic connection with each other when we were in the gym. We could feel the pain of one another during sets and knew how to get them extra reps out by pushing each other to the max. This is crucial when it comes to achieving your goals, especially with strength training. When i see PT’s in the gym today, i do not see them pushing their clients to get the last rep out or even close to any forced reps. It does make me think if their sessions are actually working or not, with the exception of a few. I’m hoping it is, but those extra reps are definitely where it counts. You need to go through the pain/burn and only the last few extra reps will make the difference. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger says, no pain no gain, it is so true and afterwards  you really feel like that you actually have had a workout. With health and fitness, every little bit helps, so even if you go to the gym and are not pushing yourself to the max, the fact that you are there and have had a workout will be beneficial. It does depend on your goals, which will dictate how intense your workout should be.

My circumstances these days mean that i have to train on my own. I know there is an extra gear i can go if someone is there to push me and more importantly knows how to do it properly. I have had PT’s spot me, but as soon as they see me slightly struggle, they are quickly in to take the bar away, which is not the way for gains.

So if you want gains and train with me, i will be pushing you to beyond your limit, it is only then that you realise what you are capable of. Now in my later life, i can see the benefits of my earlier years of prolonged intensive training. Some would argue that my training was probably a bit too much, i mean 2+ hours sometimes is a lot and in certain cases i would agree. But the overall results later on in life, have proved that the hours, days, weeks, months, years that have been put in the gym have paid off.

My Training Plan:-

My own training changes during the summer and winter months as i’ve realised that i am more prone to injury when i run in the summer. Not sure why this is the case, it could be because i sweat twice as much and lose more electrolytes causing a greater impact on my body as i run. Due to this i tend not to run during the hotter months and vary my training which includes other exercises like cycling.

My typical training plan is:-

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 30 minute HIIT workout followed by 30-40 minutes gym weight training

Sunday – 10-15 km run, can vary during winter months

Sunday – Exercise bike followed by 30-40 minutes gym workout during summer months

I train 4 times a week and have been doing this for a number of years now. If i want to put on more muscle & get stronger i just need to stop running and reduce the HIIT workouts temporarily. But i really like to get out running on the road and it keeps me lean as well as stamina and endurance. For me training is not about muscle building, i prefer endurance. 30 min HIIT workouts are actually a warm up before i hit the weights. It is very important to warm your body properly before hitting the weights to prevent injury, although 15-20 mins would be suffice.

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