When it comes to nutrition my general attitude is eat what you like but just workout. It would be in your best interest to eat healthier anyway, especially if you train and want to lose weight. The more you train, your body should tell you to eat better. I have never counted calories in my life and i never will, fortunately when i was young i had a super-fast metabolism and i could eat and drink as much as i like. But as the body has aged this metabolism has also slowed down so now i just need to reduce my food intake. If you are serious about health as you get older, you will need to adjust your food intake accordingly. If i put a little bit of weight on, i just reduce food intake for a few days and/or train an extra day or two. Overall my food is relatively healthy with daily fruit, protein and carbohydrates, it does vary from time to time and i have never been on a diet, so to speak. I like to give the body what it wants and most of the time is to workout which in turn wants healthier food.

Protein is predominately raw eggs and i eat on average 4 raw eggs every day as well as sometimes having have eggs that are cooked as well as semi-cooked. I also have meat protein from pork, beef and lamb although i have reduced meat intake as a whole and have stopped eating chicken for 2 years as well as eating more fish. I have also stopped taking any protein powder for a good few years now, but was never big on protein powder. Over the years you realise what’s good and not good for your body and find that it is better with what i have brought it up on, which was predominately raw eggs and milk at the time. I hardly drink any milk these days either and also use supplements in tablet form which help with joints, bone strength, muscle stiffness and sciatic nerve, and drink plenty of water. Food and nutrition does depend on your goals but a general fit and healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to miss out on much.

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